Whatever he knee-ds to do

Drew started something new yesterday: walking on his knees.

I’m on my knees, beggin you please…

Those of you who have been in real company of Drew, no doubt has seen his “booty scoot” but yesterday he started walking on his knees.  I don’t know what made him start doing it.  My guess is it’s his way of being defiant towards Mimi, his physical therapist, who relentlessly tried to coach him towards that goal.  But, like the hard-headed male he is I’m sure he was secretly smirking inside all the while mocking us.  So, Mimi, if you are reading this, I hope you know that despite the rejection, Drew was listening.

Isn’t this they way that we all feel towards our slave-drivin’ bosses?

I guess my mom got her wish: I got one just like me, hard-headed and opinionated.  But that’s OK, I think my mom actually did Drew a service by wishing that upon me because what better traits for someone like Drew to possess.  I like to think that my own hard-headedness, determination, opinionated and resourcefulness is the foundation to Drew’s success.

And, it further supports my confidences that Drew will and can do anything to overcome his short-comings and if the doctors could spend one full day with Drew I think their minds will be put at ease seeing that Drew can do anything he sets his mind to.

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  1. Glenna Calvin (Nana) says:

    I did get my wish – but it is good that he is that way. What Drew wants, he will figure it out and reach that goal.

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