Independent Drew

I can do it myself, mommy

As a doting mother, I’m torn between the pride of watching my little boy grow up and accomplish “big boy” deeds and the sentimentality of my little boy’s innocence and dependence on me and his daddy.   Such as this morning as we approached the school.  He insisted on walking on his own across the parking lot.  While I enjoy getting to hold him close to me, I dare not deny Drew any opportunity to gain confidence and strength (as much as I desperately want to just stop time!)  So, as requested, I put Drew’s book bag around his arms and slid  his shoes on and off he went through the fine gravel.

I watched him patiently as he carefully scooted along pausing along the way to admire a rock or two.   Drew was glowing with delight as he got to walk to the school all by himself.

I know that as Drew’s mother, I’m biased but who can’t recognize the drive and strength (inner and outer) Drew has.  He’d much rather hobble on his own will through rocks and dirt expelling every bit of strength and energy he had to make the grueling 30-foot journey to the classroom door.  Being carried wasn’t an option for him; he didn’t even consider it.  If I weren’t annoyed enough at people who illegally parked their cars in handicap or even non-existent parking spaces just to shave the 12 extra steps to the door, I’m definitely going to be taking it a lot more personal now.

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  1. YaYa says:

    I can’t tell you what Drew does for me, as I am recovering from my back surgery I am encouraged to push through the pain it takes to do the smallest of tasks, knowing my Drew would not allow anything to stop him from reaching any goal he sets for himself. He is only 3, and so blessed and driven!!!! GOD has his hand on Drew. I love and admire my kids so much!!!!

  2. Angie says:

    That is just beyond adorable! How precious are moments like that!!!!!!!

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