Operation Summer Blowout

I was a little anxious today preparing for my trip to Nashville with Drew because it has been a very long time since Drew and I had gone to a Vandy dr. appointment by ourselves.  Due to some last-minute changes, Nathan’s shift changed causing him to miss the appointment.  However, Drew was a doll the entire way down, during our stay and all the way back from Nashville.  Everything is great with Drew and no further action is needed with the doctor.

Enjoying the playroom in the Doctor’s Office’s lobby

On the drive back, I got to thinking about the approaching surgeries that we are awaiting.  It is very likely that starting this fall, Drew will undergo some corrective surgeries on his legs.  While Nathan and I are ecstatic, we are also anxious knowing how miserable Drew is going to be with the pain, casting, and confinement.  So, we are planning a summer full of events in preparation for this difficult time – kind of “last meal” if you may.  Well, perhaps that’s a little morbid, maybe a better analogy is Fat Tuesday before Lint.  Anyway, I digress.  Nathan and I are going to spend a lot of effort fitting into this summer activities we know Drew is going to miss during his surgeries and recovery.

So far this list includes:

  • Horseback riding
  • Holiday World/Splashin’ Safari
  • Boating on a river/lake
  • Riding a tractor
  • Train excursion

So family/friends, here’s where I need your help:  I don’t know anybody with horses, a boat or a tractor.  If you know somebody that would out of the goodness of their heart treat us to a day out it would be greatly appreciated!  Naturally, you will be more than welcome (actually deserving!) to join with us in our fun!

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  1. Addie says:

    Janel, my Mom has 4 horses! Would you and Drew be interested in going to my Mom’s this Sunday when Stephen and I go visit? text or call me this week! Hugs!

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