Crackin’ That Whip

I wanna rock! I want. to. rock!

So, it’s not unusual for Drew, Daddy and I to be on the trampoline in our neighbor’s backyard, in fact during the summer you have a 90% chance of catching us on the trampoline.  Today was no exception.  As Drew and I play together on the trampoline, Drew made his typical requests: run, which means me wants me to run circles around the trampoline while he chases me in a cat-and-mouse game; jump, which means he wants me to bounce him high (he’s figured out how to time his jumps so he gets that big bounce); spin, which means spin in circles; and flip, which means to do somersaults.  The greater portion of our playtime on the trampoline consists of Drew barking orders: “jump!” “run!” “jump!” “spin!”  He’s my master and I’m his bitch.  I know that’s a little harsh as I’m speaking about my three-year old boy, but if I don’t follow his orders precisely then the anger sharks start swimming. 

It occurred to me as I played his boot camp game what a great workout I was getting because though I wanted to give in and collapse in my exhaustion, I had the perfect little drill Sargeant there to ensure that I didn’t slow down.  I also thought about the motivational techniques that physical trainers try to use to keep their clients motivated and moving and whatever little reward system they employ probably doesn’t measure up to the temper tantrums that Drew will throw during my insubordination.  So, for all you physical trainers out there, give up the charts and motivational quotes, just break down into a screaming fit and kick your legs!

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