Surgery Update

So, it’s a relief to know that after so much prodding and assertiveness with the ortho office in Vandy our ortho doctor calls me personally to discuss Drew.  I just got off of the phone with him, which I didn’t expect to happen considering I learned from his assistant last week that he’d be out of the country for most of this week so I wasn’t counting on any new info until mid-next week (or that was at least when I planned to send another update request.) 

Much to my delight, he started his conversation with the announcement, “We have success!” My heart skipped a beat with excitement, but was soon brought back into reality when he elaborated that the success he was referring to was giving access to the ortho video that he’d been fussing with for the past couple weeks.  That’s OK though because the rest of the conversation was full of potential.  He’s been working with doctors, not only in Boston, but also with a doctor at Yale, St. Louis, and Duke.  Wow! So exciting to hear!

There was a lot of medical jargon that I missed, but in the end, our plan is to visit with ortho doctor in Vandy in the next few weeks so he can get reacquainted with Drew and any new developments he’s acquired since our last visit a few months ago (he’s been watching Drew’s video over and over, in slow motion, etc. so he’d like to see it close up again.)  And, he asked me if I would be opposed to going to St. Louis for a consult with one of his colleagues there.  Uuuuummm….do you really have to ask?

So, yay! Baby steps are still steps forward!

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  1. YaYa says:

    Oh my gosh, Don and I are both sitting here trying to eat supper and blubbering all over ourselves. God is so good, first with the strong WILL given to Drew and second by the expert hands that are gifted to do his surgery. We are thrilled and comforted by this news. We love you kids so much. Thank you JESUS!!!

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