An Ode to Drew

I’m sure many of you would be surprised to hear that I am absolutely over-the-moon for my son, Drew.  You probably can’t see through the cloak of subtly that I’m so overwhelmingly proud of every tiny accomplishment or adore Drew with such intensity that my rearview mirror is no longer used to view traffic conditions behind me, but to continuously admire Drew while he plays in his car seat.  And, if you are that easily fooled, then you aren’t grasping my sarcasm that I’m so eloquently inserting into this post so let me give it to you straight: I think that my son is GREAT!

As if I need to point out what makes him so GREAT because I know that any of you who have spent a minute around Drew knows how GREAT he is, but what can I say? I LOVE Drew!  He has the most gorgeous twinkling eyes and these fabulous lips.  His blonde hair is sweeter than candy and oh, those cheeks.  Have I mentioned yet that he has the best tickle spots?  Oh yes, he is very ticklish and the best part is his laugh.  He’s ticklish in his neck and if you grab his hip bones in just the right way, he is unable to retain voluntary control of his entire body.  This very laugh can bring even the meanest, saddest and most anxious person into complete bliss within seconds.

Drew is always the center of attention when we travel about and I’m sure that the initial interest is due to his unique features.  But, I’m not sure I can recall somebody NOT approaching me to tell me how cute Drew is.  Other kids look in bewilderment for a moment, but it’s not long before they are smiling at Drew and “flirting” with him.  It’s not uncommon for an admiring-from-afar adult to cross my path just so he/she can tell me how awesome they think Drew is.  And, while his physical cuteness is a popular subject, my most common feedback is about Drew’s shining personality.

You see, I think that this is the best compliment.  Good-looking people are great and all, but a personality can alter my perception of “physical attractiveness.”  So, to hear that everybody finds Drew so endearing, funny, vibrant, and spunky really gets my mama-pride glowing.  And, people are often shocked by just how charming he is and ask where he gets such a personality.

Well, I like to think it’s because I (along with my husband and Drew’s daddy, Nate….uuuuuuhhhh, same person by the way, don’t want to sound like Demi Moore) spend a LOT of time making every moment with Drew special.  We play together – a LOT.  We are doting parents to say the least.  Not a nary moment goes by that we don’t play with Drew, engage him in conversation, hold him close. Even we relax while watching a movie, Drew is in our lap or in our arms.

Some may think he’s spoiled.  And they’d be right.  He is spoiled.  Not rotten, but his spoiled.  You don’t go through a pregnancy in which you think you are going to lose your baby without spending whatever time with him by not spoiling him.  You don’t raise a child with such detrimental deformities and not spoil him.  You don’t anticipate your child’s future full of pain and distress and not spoil him.  And, you don’t go through such a painful child-bearing experience such as I did and not spoil the one positive outcome you’ve been rewarded.

I lost a son before and to say that I was distraught is a gross misrepresentation of the three years following.  It’s about like saying that outer space is roomy.  Words can never describe the despair.  So, am I overly affectionate with Drew?  Do I appreciate each and every moment with Drew? Do I spend every moment of my waking life thinking about how to make Drew happy?  Hell-to-the-yes, I do!  And Drew will be a great person for it.  And, it is my theory, that those who are initially judgemental of Drew due to his short arms will quickly be mesmerized by his personality and Drew won’t be without a friend anywhere that he shall go in life – which will never be more than 25 feet from me if I have my way!

Why am I so emotional about my overwhelming love for Drew right now?  Because we just converted Drew’s crib to a day bed giving him his first “big boy” sleeping experience last night.  *Tear*  I know what you are thinking: he’s three and he’s still in a crib?  Well, getting into the bed by himself wasn’t an option until recently, previously he’s been a mobile sleeper and we were concerned he’d fall out of the bed, and frankly, we have many more things to worry about rather than a bed with one-too-many sides.

Another day closer to him growing up, getting his driver’s license and moving out.  Drew was really cute though as he climbed into the bed all by himself, sat straight up with a smile and proudly announced, “I diiiiiid iiiiiiiiit!” He jumped on his bed and rolled around.  He was king.  And, he didn’t ignore the best benefit of being able to get in and out of bed all on his own: timeouts are no longer a bummer!  Now that he can get out of bed at will, might as well play with the toys while Mama starts the timer! Mental note to self: must find alternate behavior correction solution.  Not that Drew is in trouble a whole lot (please refer to the paragraphs above starting with “Some may think he’s spoiled.  And they’d be right.”)  Drew mostly goes into timeout because he has outburst of frustration when toys don’t work the way he wants them to.  A quality he, no doubt, got from me as I have been known to take my frustration out on an inanimate object or two.  But, you know what they say: do as I say, not as I do. 🙂

Wheelchair update: we now have a ramp (thanks to Daddy for his handiwork!) down the 5-inch step at our front door onto our porch.  After that….we are stuck.  Waiting to get a portable ramp to get the chair into our yard.  After that….we are, again, stuck.  But, daggone it, Drew will be able to ride that wheelchair all the way to the end of the yard soon!

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  1. YaYa says:

    As we watch Drew accept and master each new challenge, he just amazingly does just that and more. He is continually looking to improve upon the way he does daily things. I love the way he says, “Did you see that?” when he accomplishes a new feat. I told Janel the other day, as we were watching him swim and getting better all the time, how I love him so much, he just takes my breath away. Thank you Jesus for the gift of Drew and his awe inspiring strength and will power.

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