First Day of School

First Day of School - Fall 2011

Well, Drew’s school year got off to a rocky start.  Drew was 35 minutes late to class thanks to some miscommunication about the schedule.  But, we promptly dressed Drew and I managed to eek in a quick picture.  Unlike last school year, his very first day of school, Drew happily joined his class, kissed and hugged us goodbye and we were as good as invisible after that.  No sad outburst of emotion from Drew begging us to stay.

As expected, Drew did great and the only thing to note was Drew’s graceful fall from his chair.  He tumbled out of his chair, but given his challenges, he has learned how to fall to minimize injury and 9 times out of 10, he’s able to “roll with it.”  It’s only face-first falls that he’s unable to adjust for.

As far as ears go, one of this ears is STILL draining – yes, more than a week after surgery – and apparently has a little infection in it for which we had to pay over $20 for a bottle of ear drops not much bigger than a quarter.  Drew squeals just as loud while getting the ear drops as Nathan did upon handing over the money.  So ridiculous these prices!

And, finally, we have officially booked our lodging for our November trip to West Palm Beach.  We couldn’t find any locations in WPB to stay, so we will be staying in Orlando.  I’m not so sure we’ll be able to find much to keep us entertained during our stay there. :/

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