I was very delighted a few weeks ago to answer my doorbell rung by our neighbor asking if Drew could come out to play.  So sweet! In this day and age, friend requests don’t only happen on the internet!

And, Drew has been piling on the friends for a while now: at school, at babysitters, and at home.  Its encouraging to see how kids react to Drew and despite their age difference, nothing seems to prevent them from having a good time with each other.  I hope this trend continues, but I know at some point Drew will encounter some less-than-friendly peers.  However, with so many friends, either Drew will let the judgement just float away or his crew will be there to shield Drew from that pain.  And, if anybody has ever seen a documentary on Discovery Channel, you know what happens when a young cub is harassed in front of his mother!

Drew's favorite neighbor friend
Goofing off
Friendly stroll through the neighborhood
Manly dinner

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