I’m a model…

you know what I mean, and I do my turn on the catwalk, yeah the catwalk,


Yeah, the catwalk…

yeah I do my little turn on the catwalk.

You could say this was the theme song of today.  Staff from Extreme Mobility, the people who worked with Drew to get his wheelchair, came from various cities to see Drew and his wheelchair in action.  They want to study how Drew benefits from his chair for value-add and marketing.

They videoed Drew in his chair in his everyday use of it at the house.  He was a little more stubborn than I would have expected.  He’s usually such a ham, but perhaps the crowd of unfamiliar faces and red blinking lights was a little intimidating.  But, little bribes and some cajoling managed to get some good material.

In a few weeks, we may even see Drew on a poster or banner.  But, they’d be crazy to not want to put Drew’s gorgeous face on a poster.  I’m pretty sure that all advertising firms can eliminate the overdone “bikini clad woman” and begin solely using Drew’s big brown eyes and scrumptious cheeks to sell a new product.  Ha!

You know, I think back to when I was pregnant with Drew just learning about TAR Syndrome and I recall how devastated we were, how complicated and, I’m embarrassed to say, unsuccessful we feared Drew’s life would be and am amazed how differently this life has turned out to be.  Sure, Drew requires a wheelchair because he can’t “walk” but Drew’s life is so positive and he’s exceeded everyone’s expectations in such a way that his life is strangely normal.  It makes me proud as a mother to have such a strong-willed, intelligent, and happy boy.  I can see that he will be one of those people you see on TV or the internet who do things beyond their own capabilities.  He inspires me and I’m sure he inspires others.

It’s a comfort to know this as we quickly approach our Florida trip to see a specialist.  Being our fourth specialist, we have pretty much exhausted all options in our pursuit for corrective surgery for Drew’s legs.  While seeing Drew walk would be great, I know that not walking won’t be detrimental to his life.  People have said it before and I’ll hear it again, I’m sure: “It’s hard to say that Drew is disabled because he’s so capable of doing pretty much anything.”  And, if he keeps this attitude up and has such great support from family and people at Extreme Mobility, I know that he’ll prove that to be true.

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