Florida Trip: Day 1 (Well, 2 including flight)

Well, we are closing out our 2nd day in Florida and a full day of walking and having our life flash before our eyes on thrill rides and I’m glad to be sitting down at this computer.  Looking at the back of my eyelids might be a tad better, but I need to detox before I go to sleep.

De plane! De Plane!

The flight was good, nothing exciting to report.  All luggage accounted for.  No delays.  Our sanity is in tact to.  Drew was well-behaved and enjoyed being on the planes.  Even my ear infection posed no pain though the sensation of popping and tickling was prominent.  Though our Google directions were sketchy leaving the airport, we somehow made it with only 1 U-turn.

We arrived late into Orlando, promptly found our place of stay and as for me, I hit the sack within an hour.  And, it was up early for Sea World.

Sea World was a lot of fun.  Nate and I really enjoyed a Manta Ray-themed roller coaster in which riders ride face-down through loopty-loops and such and one incredible stomach-tickling drop.  We saw a dolphin and whale show, Shamu show, Sea Lion and Sea Otter show, a dog, cat (and pig) show and a if-I-wasn’t-so-tired-I-could-think-of-the-name-of-those-famous-shows-from-Las-Vegas-with-acrobats-and-dancers-with-the-funny-name-that-nobody-really-understands-how-to-pronounce-correctly shows.  Very entertaining and we thoroughly enjoyed.  Drew enjoyed a variety of rides including a carousel, spinning teacups, a ride similar to but much tamer than the Rocket (I think it’s called) at Holiday World, and a large jungle gym with nets, a maze of tubes and slides.  It was a great first day of attractions in Orlando.

Our plans for tomorrow is to visit West Palm Beach to visit Drew’s 4th orthopaedic specialist.  We’ll see what happens with this one.  I’m more nervous for this one than I have been for any other visit we’ve had with the various specialists we’ve visited.  Not sure why.  Not sure if I’m anticipating bad news or good news.  Just nervous.

And, I have made an error in judgement just now and I blame it all on technology and fancy gadgets we’ve all become accustomed to.  I locked the $#%^ key in the rental car.  How might you ask?  Well, this key, evidentially manufactured in the 18th century, doesn’t have the push button lock on the key as I’ve grown quite fond of.  Yes, youngens, there was a time when we actually had to stick the key in the door to unlock it.  Crazy, huh?  Well, now I understand the main benefit of this push button lock as it’s impossible to lock your #$%^ keys in the car if they are in your @#$% hand!  Nathan is on the phone with roadside assistance as I type.   This being Orlando, the capital of overpriced services and products, that our bill isn’t equally outrageous! Sigh….

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