Drew at the Circus


Drew, Nate and I went to the circus this weekend and had a great time.  Even though we went last year, it was still exciting to see and even some new things.  One of my favorites was the Chicago Boys, a team of gymnast jump ropers.  Drew liked the doggie show and the bikes.  I was particularly impressed that a man was willing to get into a cage with 5-6 full-grown tigers and that a person can somehow train a bear to ride a bike.  I can’t even begin to fathom how that is done.  Drew got to ride an elephant and a phony, got his face painted and took a picture with his favorite, Scooby Doo.

Drew Walking Tall is going great.  We finished assembling the candy grams on Friday.  We will be selling them this weekend.  Any volunteers? 😉  Donation jars are pretty productive in most places.  It’s more exciting to find change in those jars that finding a dollar on the sidewalk!  It’s nice to know that perfect strangers can care so much.

I feel like Drew Walking Tall is my second job.  I’m the spokesman, accountant, graphic designer, project manager, and laborer.  And, the money is nice.  Drew Walking Tall comes up in conversation at least within the first 5 minutes of every conversation and over 100 people “Like” the Facebook page and 80-something are “talking about it” (whatever that means.)

So, Dr. Paley has received Drew’s MRI and has requested us to call the office to schedule the surgery.  This was in an email to us from the great Dr. Paley.  I stared at his words, “Please call the office to schedule the surgery.” intently for several minutes.  The epic seriousness of this was thick.  I can’t help but feel like in a way, I’ll be giving up my little boy and getting a different little boy back.  I also feel like this a superficial message of “you aren’t good enough for us, so we are going to fix you up so you can meet our standards.” 😦  I’ve always considered Drew so strong and independent, so unique.  I wonder if he’ll still be all of those things when we are done.  It will be great when he walks, but I want the same personality.  What if all the pain and discomfort and inconvenience breaks his spirit?   What can I say?  I’ve always been a pessimist!

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  1. Don’t worry about him changing. You are the reason he has the personality he has. He sees how you act and mimics it. Stay strong and know we are all praying for y’all.

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