Merry Christmas from the Gattens

Not a whole lot going on this week for a new post, but it’s been so long since my last one that I’m desperate to add something. Drew has been well-behaved and our routine has been working well for us.  We are both anxiously looking forward to Tuesday when Daddy comes home because that means that Christmas is right after!

Each year, Christmas has gotten more and more exciting!  When Drew was an infant, I would actually buy Christmas presents with him sitting in the cart as I pushed him around.  Then, when he was two, Christmas was a little more exciting as he showed interest in unwrapping the presents.  He would actually start to play with each toy forgetting he had others to open.  This year, the excitement has increased. He helped me pick out a Christmas tree, decorate it, and upon coming home one afternoon and learning that I had spent the day wrapping presents, he couldn’t hardly contain himself from rushing in to go examine them.  It was so adorable.  I set him down and had to sternly direct him NOT to hop into the other room until I was ready.  I had to see his face when he saw the presents for the first time.  And, it was worth it!

Drew just loves this season and not just because of the presents.  He told his Yaya about our Christmas “deckrashuns” as he calls them and told Yaya, “I so excited to see your deckrashuns!”  He points out Santa Claus, snowmen, Christmas lights.  And, yesterday, he started singing me Christmas carols.  He likes Jingle Bells and my favorite part is his enthusiastic “HEY!!!” during the song.  And, he tried teaching me the lyrics to “Five Reindeer in the Snow” or something or other.  I had to call a fellow mommy about that one.  It was a new one to me.  And, she had her two elementary school kids sing it to me…it was absolutely adorable!

Click to view a dark, grainy video of Drew singing part of the song (my camera phone only records for 20-second shots)

In other news, Drew Walking Tall is going great.  We’ve already managed to raise over $1600 through donation jars, t-shirts, candy grams and just plain ol’ donations.  Money is coming in so fast that it’s difficult to track where it’s coming from and even more difficult going to the bank and depositing.  Counting it has become a tedious process so I feel sorry for those behind me in line at the bank!  I’ve never taken $400+ in coins, ones, fives, tens and twenties into the bank before, but now it’s a weekly task.  Trying to manage a full-time job, twice-weekly trips around the town for donation jar collections, wrapping coins, collecting and placing t-shirt orders, etc. is a lot more work than I thought.  Another reason I’m anxiously awaiting the hubby’s return!

There is an ad in the newspaper this week for Drew Walking Tall and next week we are being interviewed for a feature in the paper, so I’m very excited.  Keep an eye on the Facebook page and this blog for more details to come!

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