Post-Christmas Hangover

Well, this year’s Christmas was the best one yet.  And, it’s evident from our “Christmas spread” that this is one loved boy.  Having all of the presents hidden in various locations around the house was misleading as it wasn’t until we had everything wrapped and surrounding the tree when Nathan and I looked at each other in a look of desperation. What are we going to do with all of this stuff?!?

Gifts from Santa

Well, after about 3 hours of opening presents, the next five were spent reorganizing our entire house to make room for the new stuff.  Drew’s furniture was rearranged including the removal of his changing table to which I was very sentimental.  As I stared at the newly empty space I recalled helping Drew to a sitting position when he wasn’t quite strong enough to do so by himself.  He would proudly smile and I would excitedly congratulate him.  So cute!! (I have a video somewhere of this exact moment and I can’t find it anywhere…I’m extremely worried!) And, now, my boy is so big (and potty trained) that we no longer have a need for this precious gift that his grandfather had built for him (following the manufacturer’s instructions as this was no handmade piece of furniture.) Sigh…not looking forward to walking into his room to see his walls plastered with anarchy and dark, moody posters!

Not being able to think of a logical transition, I’ll just move on to my next thought.  Drew somehow scratched his knee yesterday.  How remains a mystery, but I cleaned it up and put a Spongebob band-aid on it.  Drew seemed to complain about it pretty excessively.  Now, I don’t know if it was just a plea for attention or if his knee, in fact, hurt that bad but as I held him close and tried to comfort him as he winced in pain and whimpered, I thought to myself how hard it’s going to be when after coming out of his anesthesia coma after surgery with the external fixation device drilled into his skin and bones. I have no idea what the typical experience is for kids upon waking up to find this awkward device drilled into your leg nor do I know what I can do to lessen the pain and shock of it all.  But, I will be there to hold him every second and hopefully, with time, he’ll grow accustomed to his new addition.  Not that we won’t be excited to finally remove it!

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