Drew’s First “Walk”

Thanks to everybody who has discovered my blog from The Advocate and other resources since the commencement of Drew Walking Tall.  I’m very excited to see the increasing subscribers, comments and visitors.  I love getting the phone calls from those who were excited to learn about Drew and want to help and I’m touched that this county has been so generous and supportive with the donations and thoughts.  It is greatly appreciated and I’m so excited to see your support materialize at the end of this year with Drew walking!

Starring in the next Transformers movie...

We got a nice preview of our own Drew Walking Tall 5K run will be like today as we enrolled in the 2 mile walk starting and finishing at the United Community Bank.  Drew arrived at the walk in his freshly pimped wheelchair raring to go.  This marks two important events: the furthest his chair has ever been from home and the longest he’s ever driven it.  Thanks to a fellow friend who went above and beyond to help us transport the chair using their trailer.

In attendance in addition to Mama and Daddy, were Yaya, Grandad and the rest of their clan including kids and grandkids.  Even Sarge came along.  We, of course, all wore our Drew Walking Tall shirts.  It was a cold and very breezy day, but we were optimistic.  Drew showed off by doing donuts and was anxious to get started.

Drew did very well, avoiding a few obstacles though he tends to admire his surroundings while gradually veering towards a curb.  And, even though at times he had his own idea about where he wanted to take his chair he listened to us and took instruction well.  So proud of him.  I would say that his first long-distance excursion with his wheelchair was a success.

It's a family affair

However, between the late night while playing with his cousins at Yaya’s sleepover, a thrilling ride on a go-cart and the sharply cold breeze, Drew quickly tired out and was over this family activity.  Though he had eaten before leaving house, he was hungry.  His cheeks were beet red, his nose running, halfway through he was done.  So, halfway through we took a detour off of the path and drove his chair home.  Although we didn’t “finish” the walk via the planned route, I’m pretty sure by the time we made it to our driveway, we had to be very close to having navigated the same distance as the planned 2 mile route.  I had hoped to finish the walk, but it was nice practice for our own planned 5K run for Drew Walking Tall.

On a different note, it’s now 2012 and today it occurred to me that we are no longer expecting major surgeries “next” year.  Even though it’s just a difference of one day, knowing that Drew’s surgeries are this year is sobering (and after my New Year’s Eve night, this was helpful.)  This is the year that we uproot our normal lives, temporarily move 994 miles away, juggle work and daily physical therapy appointments, pain management, separation from loved ones and many other life-altering experiences that I’m just going to ignore for the meantime so not to drive myself crazy with anxiety.  However, in the end, the results will far outweigh the stress of 2012.  And, New Year’s Eve of 2012 will be a huge celebration for us as Drew should be walking by the end of this year, which is another impulsive thought I had at this very moment that has just stunned me silent.  Wow.  Walking this year.  There are no words to describe how in awe I am of that fact.  Amazing.

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