A Scary Look Ahead

Well, any reassurance and comfort that I gained watching Drew take his first steps on his feet have now been obliterated by a short feature on 20/20 the other night.  As you might remember, Dr. Paley is the doctor that we’ll be visiting in West Palm Beach in May for Drew’s first surgery.  I was excited to hear that Dr. Paley was a surgeon featured on a 20/20 episode about cosmetic surgery.  Luckily, 20/20 is a show that I regularly record on my DVR so I anxiously perused each unwatched episode (thanks to constant Dora and Oomizoomi watching) until I found the episode.  And, now I wish I hadn’t watched it.  As I watched it, I’m pretty sure that my facial expressions were no different from when I were to watch a scary horror flick.

If you would like to see the clip, watch it on YouTube here.  I don’t know what the copyright laws are and there has recently been some copyright controversy in the Senate so let me make it clear that I did NOT record this myself nor did I upload it to YouTube.  I only found this video by searching “Dror Paley 20/20” and I don’t support piracy.  With that being said, watch the video and I think you’ll find the part or parts that I found most distressing.  First, the poor guy writhing in pain during his physical therapy.  I can’t even fathom Drew going through that pain.  Second, the cost of the surgery featured on the spot: $85,000.

Granted, the surgery featured is not the same surgery Drew will be undergoing, but it’s no less comforting to me.  Drew will have that same external fixation device on his leg.  And, Drew will be staying for three months for physical therapy.  The parallels with this poor man on 20/20 are obvious to me.  I somehow feel like a convicted criminal making my way down “The Green Mile.”

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