Drew Walking Tall Charity Event

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Sunday, March 25th came very fast.  Despite all of our preparations leading up to the event, we were still rushing to finish some tasks even as guests started walking through the door.  But, all in all, we made $13,636 for Drew Walking Tall!  It was all thanks to the many volunteers that were there for Drew.  And, thank you to all of the guests who came to support Drew and the Gattens and I hope everybody enjoyed the chocolate and walked away with great items.

In the aftermath of the charity event, I feel like there is not enough hours in the day to sleep. I’m hungover from auction and chocolate.  The house is still in disarray with auction supplies and leftovers in every nook and cranny of the house.  And, one of the won baskets that wasn’t picked up at the auction, which is a collection of cheese balls, dips and appetizer mixes, is perched on my table waiting for delivery to its owner tomorrow and looks so yummy.  It’s unfair to walk past the basket everyday….it’s calling my name.

This weekend, I’ll be flying to West Palm Beach in order to nail down a place to live.  I have four apartment complexes to tour and three caretakers to interview.  We’ll see how it goes and I will be sure to keep everybody updated.

We have less than a month before big trip to Florida.  Nathan is on his last trip off of the boat before he returns, but only for nine days.  He will be coming home early to escort us to Florida.   Drew has only slightly warmed up to the idea of getting his legs worked on.  We’ve asked him here and there, “Drew, do you want to get your legs like your friends’ at school so you can walk?”  He’ll reply, “Maybe later.”  While driving him to Granny’s one day Drew asked out of the blue, “When I get bigger and stronger I not need a wheelchair?”  He must think that every person once had a wheelchair when they were his size. 🙂  But, it did illustrate to me that he doesn’t want to be in the wheelchair so I can rest a little worrying about doing this surgery against his will.

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