One Month Down

Well, one month and 23 adjustments made and just look at the results:

Actually, screw 23 adjustments.  There are 12 struts that we adjust everyday so let’s ensure that we get credit for our hard work: 276 adjustments.

His leg is getting straighter and straighter. In fact, it’s getting so straight that I’ve accidentally and tragically smashed his foot into the back of the driver’s seat in my truck (TWICE!) because I’m not use to it sticking out so far.  It was tragic because any movement or pressure on his foot seems to cause him great pain and who could doubt that two pins – one through and through the middle of the foot (across the arch) and one through and through the heel – would be that painful.

Though showers are still a dreaded event and physical therapy is a battle of wills and patience, we’ve been feeling pretty good this week.  Drew is sleeping almost through the night with only a couple of minor stirrings.  Drew has dropped the “wild animal in captivity” act and will allow his babysitter to change his diaper and feed him.   This isn’t to say that I’m excitedly counting the days to fixing the next leg, of course.


This weekend I took Drew to get his hair cut as it was an out of control mess.  With Drew’s surgery and all, it’s just now becoming possible to check our reflections in the mirror.  We took his wheelchair instead of the wagon and in the process of preparing the ramp and ratcheting the chair down in the bed of the truck, I admit, I regretted it slightly as I wiped beads of sweat the size of grapes off of my forehead.  But, dammit, I went and got this truck for a reason.  I feel obligated to use the chair considering what all of the folks at Extreme Mobility in Lexington did for us.  And, maybe the hard work it takes will help me shed a few pounds.

Much better!

I found the most colorful and obnoxious place I could find online and ended up at Snip-Its, an almost cartoony salon specially designed for kids.  I though Drew would be enthused but he wasn’t and cried during the first half of his hair cut.  He’d gotten hair cuts before and did fine so I was mystified why this was such a big deal.  But, halfway through, as if he’d had this agenda all mapped out, he said ever so calmly, “OK.  I’ll be a good boy now.”  And that was that.  She cut his hair without an additional complaint.  OK, lady, WHAT is your secret to flipping that switch?  Tell me, I’ll pay you anything you want!

She happened to mention that there was a lizard and amphibian show at the store next door and it happened to be in 20 minutes so we were sure to rush over as soon as she was done.  There were, if act, lizards, snakes, frogs, a scorpion, a tarantula, a monitor and the CUTEST lemur I have ever seen (well, it’s the only lemur I’ve seen outside of King Julian of Madagascar)  The handlers took the animals, one by one, around the crowd and let each kid pet them.  Drew petted the lemur, the frog, the salamander and the monitor, but the most interesting part was one of the snakes, a young boa, who wrapped its tail around the struts on Drew’s fixator.  Wrapped around it with such strength, that the handler had to call his assistance to release the snake’s hold.  Drew, who gets upset when I lift his blanket to even examine (look) at his pin sites) doesn’t have a single complaint or concern.  In fact, he’s mesmerized.  Meanwhile, I’m having a stroke.

In other news, his heart seems to be OK for now.  We saw his cardiologist today who listened and didn’t note any difference, but will be doing an ultrasound on Friday to confirm that his infection in the pin site hasn’t gotten into his blood stream causing endocarditis.  He didn’t suspect Drew has it, but just wants to play it safe.  However, he did have a verbal debate as to whether a heart surgery would be needed prior to the second leg surgery.  I guess we’ll wait and see.

And, the planning has started for the Drew Walking Tall 5k so if you are interested in helping and/or running, please let me know!

THIS is what you see out of windows in Florida instead of moths and beetles.
Talking to Daddy, Yaya and Granddad on Skype


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sharon Butts says:

    so glad to hear Drew is doing so good , but how is Mom? Drew is such s strong little boy. Prayers are coming your way.

  2. Emily Sheffer says:

    That picture of the snack wrapped around the fixator is awesome…especially since it didn’t both (hurt) Drew! Also love the pic of Skyping with daddy and family! hugs!

  3. Natalie W. says:

    I love reading your blog! Drew’s progress is wonderful! Many prayers to Drew, you and your family.

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