Two Months Down

This week marks two months since Drew’s surgery.  Sometimes, it feels like many more.  Most of the time actually.  But Drew’s leg is about a straight as straight can get:

I can’t imagine a straighter leg.  I am anxious for our appointment with the surgeon on July 9th to see if any more adjustments are needed and whether or not we get to come home.  To the layman’s eyes, his leg looks perfect.  But we came to Dr. Paley for a reason.  Because he has a keen eye and the experience to see small intricacies in the orientation of his leg.

I don’t know whether it’s the confinement or a natural transition for all four-year olds, but Drew’s behavior has been slightly out of control recently.  He’s defiant and demanding and impatient.  Even when he’s not misbehaving, he gleefully screams (like, SCREEEEAM) and is very rambunctious.  Call it cabin fever or a problem, I’m not sure.  But I am for sure that he gets most of these traits, specifically impatience and defiance, from me.  The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, they say.  We’ll see how things go.  If they get any worse, I may need the assistance of a Catholic priest!

We have maintained our goal to go on an excursion every weekend to break the monotony of watching TV and

Drew using the zoo map to guide me to my insanity.

playing with Power Rangers and Spiderman.  Last weekend we went to a mud bog event at the racetrack that we previously visited before.   It was fun…for about an hour then Drew was insistent that he was tired and wanted to go home.  Argh.   The weekend before, I had taken Drew to the zoo to attend a Paley event that all of other Paley patients were attending and that went terribly.  After about an hour, he was ready to go home.  I have since then put a permanent ban on the West Palm Beach zoo.  You may recall that our first visit didn’t go so well either.

Despite Drew’s outbursts, Drew has been pretty ok with the fixator on his leg.  He’s still taking pain medicine, but he has a lot of range of motion.  He now rolls over on his side and lifts his leg with no complaint.  Well, that is, lifts his leg when it’s on his own terms because he certainly won’t go through a session of physical therapy without complaint!  He’s even spent time on the floor and can just barely scoot himself inch by inch.  It’s no booty scoot, but I’m so glad to see him so oblivious to the fixator.

He even played some golf!  At another Paley patient gathering at a local hotel, they served grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and had games for everybody.  There was a mini-putt golfing green out back and Drew spent a lot of the time there.  It was a lot of fun.

We were told that his fixator would cause damage to some things like the tub.  Well, the latest victim of Drew’s fixator is Drew’s Lightning McQueen chair.

Drew did do something pretty exciting the other day.  He asked me to remove his blanket and he scooted to the end of his chair so his right leg was completely off of the chair with no support.  He placed his foot on the ground and I started to worry because he’s always so sensitive on his foot.  I didn’t want him to put too much pressure on his foot plus I didn’t know what exactly he was planning on doing.  Should I stop him?  But, with his heel on the floor, he push up with his left foot, on the end of chair, so he lifted his bottom off of the chair and was now only supported by his arms on the arms of his chair and his feet.  Not a remarkable position, but I was excited because I, of course, translated this into he wants to stand up!  I don’t know what made him think to try this little maneuver.  He was so cute too.  After he lifted himself, he said, “Ta-dah!”

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