Just Me and Drew

Well, it’s down to me and Drew once more as Nathan is somewhere over Florida on his second trip home since this all began.  This two-week trip home felt like only a moment in time.  We even tried to delay his trip back to KY a couple of days.  I didn’t want to let go.  But, short of purchasing a separate one-way ticket, the airline was unable to make any last-minute changes.

Drew is in an excellent place though.  He’s hardly as uncomfortable and sensitive as was during Nathan’s last period of absence.  Drew actually rolled over on to his belly by himself.  He lifts his leg and drags it around.  The vibration and bumps not hindering him or causing any discomfort so he’s very easy to move around and pick up.  It’s no longer like handling Faberge eggs.  So, I’m not as worried about being by myself this time.

I could be speaking too soon though.  After all, I spent my last day with a partner by my side unwinding at the beach and watching a movie.  Due to my being constrained to our 1000 square-foot apartment when Nathan’s not here, Nathan let me take advantage of my last moments of freedom (as he did last time before he went home.)  I saw Magic Mike in theater.  Though it would have been more fun with a bunch of girlfriends, I did enjoy the movie.  Then, I went to the beach and laid out in the sand, listening to the waves, and contemplating life, time, and space.  It was a nice break.

Now, I anticipate Drew’s next visit with his surgeon to determine our chances of coming home next week.  If no more adjustments are needed to his legs, we get to come home.  It would be so exciting to come home, but by the same token it’s going to be a tough 1600 miles to drive by myself.  My fingers are crossed though!

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  1. Natalie W. says:

    Many prayers that you and Drew will be able to come home!! I truly enjoy reading your updates although I don’t know you or Drew. It is exciting to hear about his progress. As a mother myself I find your strength inspirational! Take care…

    1. drewunarmed says:

      Thank you, Natalie! You take care too!

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