This is My Title…Too Tired for Creativity Now

As excited as I was previously about getting the release to come home, after standing in the center of my apartment amongst the tons and tons of things we brought with us in addition to the stuff we’ve collected here in Florida my excitement level has transitioned to stress.  The clothes, the dishes, the toys, the shoes, the appliances, the crap that must go with us and I don’t know where to begin.  Remind me again, why am I so excited to come home?

I’m only questioning because I’m fairly stressed.  Let me get through this cup of wine and I shall return to my senses.

So, my big excitement this week was getting my purse stolen.  Yes, stolen.  As I lugged Drew from the wagon in the back seat of the truck and buckled him in, an unidentified person saw my plight and took advantage by grabbing my purse while I wasn’t looking.  Sigh.  I intended to just cancel my cards and such and call it a day but after some cajoling, I contacted the non-emergency police to report my purse stolen.  Nothing makes you feel pettier than calling the police about a $20 stolen purse.  They had to come to my apartment and everything.  And, to make it even funnier the cops had already been to my very building twice the same day for some disruptive neighbor couple who woke everybody up – including me and Drew – with their loud and angry yelling match.  And, now here they were for a third time only an arm’s length from the offenders again.  The Reserve and the Park at Riverbridge apartments caused quite a stir.

Drew was so excited to see the cops.  Drew kept calling for him to show him this and that toy.  He’d say, “Officer! Look at this!” and “Officer! this” and “Officer that.”  It was so funny!  The officer was no doubt charmed.  On our way out, Drew said to the cop, “Officer!  Next time I see you I’m going to be a cop just like you and catch bad guys!”  I swear…if that boy got any cuter I’d just explode.  The officer was of course just as enamored and gave Drew a toy badge to wear and the obligatory “stay in school” speech.

And we were off to pick up Yaya from the airport.  Yaya has come to Florida to help me on the drive home.  The plan is to leave tomorrow after my day of work and we should be in Kentucky by Wednesday I’m guessing.  Can’t wait!

Now that Yaya is here, I apparently no longer exist as it’s “Yaya, come play with me!” and “Yaya, sit next to me!” and “Yaya! Yaya! Yaya!”  I don’t know whether to be relieved that I have some breathing room finally or to be offended that I’m so quickly discarded!

We spent the afternoon in downtown West Palm Beach one last time as I really enjoy the atmosphere there.  We went to the big fancy movie theater and saw Ice Age 4, threw change in the fountain and ate lunch.  And, we’ve spent the last 2.5 hours cleaning and packing.  And, that’s my microwave dinner beeping so I must end this blog now.  I shall update everybody about our trip as I can.  And, if you want to visit me and Drew then I’m pretty sure you’ll have to grab a number because I’m sure I will quite the popular person next week!  Looking forward to it!

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  1. Ann says:

    I can’t tell u how much it means to me to be here, found myself crying as my plane landed in WPB. Then to hear my Drew calling, YaYa, YaYa, as we came in sight of each other at the airport, Wow, I just couldn’t stop hugging him. So blessed to be able to be here and help Janel, and get these two back to “Tucky”, as Drew calls it. My babies, Nate, Janel and Drew are my life. God blesses and blesses!!!

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