Drew’s New Cast

Five months later, Drew’s right fixator has been removed.   It wasn’t exactly the surgery that we thought it was going to be, but turns out that I’m very glad that he doesn’t also have a new fixator.  The placement of a fixator is a lot more painful recovery and a longer stay in the hospital.  And, I was surprised to see how much pain Drew was in having his cast on.

Drew’s patriotic spica cast. His left leg is free and you can see the “belt” of the cast that encircles his abdomen. Pretty much prevents him from sitting up.

Drew is now the owner of a red, white and blue star-spangled cast.  He was not too happy seeing the cast.  He originally requested to have a blue cast.  We were delighted to hear that his cast was going to be red, white and blue.  But, Drew was not as happy.  I’m not sure if it was because it was painful and he’d just assume have his leg finally free from foreign materials or if it wasn’t exactly the design he’d hoped for.  I felt bad when Drew expressed his displeasure with the theme as one of the nurses was especially excited about it.  We were excited about it to0.  But, I’m sure the cast could be made of candy and Drew would have still rejected it.

I was hopeful that the initial days with the cast would go a lot better than the fixator, but I was surprised to see that Drew was in a lot more pain that I thought he would be.  Perhaps it’s been so long since Drew’s first surgery or, more likely, we’ve gotten used to the relative simplicity of the fixator that it was difficult to transition back to this painful period.  For the last two-three months of Drew’s fixator, he rarely complained and it was easy for us to go on about our lives like it wasn’t even there.  We just got used to it.  Now, we must start over from scratch and get used to this new cast.

Luckily, it won’t be for long.  Only 11 more days.  I imagine that he’s in so much pain because his leg is swollen and you could imagine what it would be like to have an ever-expanding leg constricted in a hardened cast.  Plus, there are some pin sites that are slightly bleeding (we can see spots of blood on blankets and sheets) which means that the pressure on the sores has to be unbearable as well.  But, only 11 more days.  Then, the cast will be cut and transformed in a removable cast while we wait for custom-fitted bracing.

Dealing with the cast now, I don’t see how we could have possibly dealt with the cast and the fixator simultaneously.  The pain would have been unbearable, he’d be impossible to carry anywhere.  And, Nathan and I are going crazy as it is.  Days crawl by slower than I’ve ever experienced before.  All the lounging around has made us lazy.  You know that feeling you get when you sleep too much?  That’s what we feel like, except we aren’t sleeping too much.  Well, more Nathan than myself as I’ve gotten to enjoy sleeping in, but the constant attention to Drew and my full-time job is none-the-less exhausting.  Even though it’s Nathan sleeping with Drew each night (almost), I still wake up with them when Drew wakes in pain.  Feeling bad about Drew’s pain and sorry for Nathan’s interrupted sleep.  We are unable and unwilling to transport Drew anywhere due to his permanently-laying down position (he can’t get in his wheelchair, even if it worked, and unless he wants to stare at the sun and clouds while in his wagon, it’s pointless) and the crazy seatbelt attachment that rivals the rubiks cube challenge.  It’s cabin fever for us for the next 11 days.

I’ve gotten to enjoy a couple of outings, but it’s quickly forgotten once I get home.  With the paperwork required (Medicaid, which I gave up on, insurance, blah blah blah), errands needed, medicine schedule, my job, restless sleep, unhealthy eating, lack of social interaction outside my small circle, and lack of quality time with Nathan.  And, we aren’t even halfway through this time of our lives.

Drew’s next surgery for the placement of the left fixator is November 15th.  What a GREAT Thanksgiving it’s going to be this year. -.-


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  1. YaYa says:

    Hang in there you three, this too shall pass!!!
    Love you!!!
    PS: I am gonna try to come back down for
    fixator surgery on the 15th.

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