Making Plans and Dams

Anticipating the temporary removal of Drew’s cast, I’ve begun planning fun things for us do that we wouldn’t be able to participate with a restrictive cast or fixator.   I must think the world is really coming to an end because I’m considering so many things that I’m not sure we’ll have the time for it!

First, one of the most fun holidays is approaching: Halloween.  So, naturally, I’m planning lots of activities.  I’ve already ordered his requested costume, a vampire, and taught him how to say in a deep voice, “I vant to suck your blooood! Bwah!” and purchased a Halloween gingerbread house kit and cookie cutters to put together as he loves to help cook.  Being four years old, I’m trying to find some tame haunted houses to visit.  So, Nathan and I looked online and found at least five events happening in the area that would be suitable for family fun and we thought, “Man, we would never find this much stuff to do at home!  I wish we could move our friends and family here so we could stay forever!”  AND, it occurred to Nathan that after the cast comes off, we’ll get to FINALLY take Drew to a water park!!!  There are a couple in the area and, of course, there is the beach!

Just a week left of the permanent cast.  Drew has grown accustomed to the cast very well the last few days even figuring out how to army crawl across the floor.  He’s only taking pain medicine about twice a day.  So, Friday, he’ll have the cast cut off and they’ll make it a removable cast to wear only as we wait for his custom-fitted brace.  I’m very anxious to know how long he’ll be able to go without his cast.  Obviously, they’ll tell me he needs to wear it AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.  But, is removing the cast so he can sit up in a movie theater seat to watch a 2-hour movie OK?  If we go to a water park for the afternoon, is that too long?

And, of course, I’m pondering the brace.  Last night, I couldn’t sleep with my paranoid thoughts of what the brace would be like.  Is it going to be similar to the cast in the fact that it will surround his waist preventing him from sitting up?  Will the staff survive my wrath if it does?

None-the-less, Nathan and I can’t wait to call the cast history.   Being a boy apparently is an inconvenience when it comes to wearing a spica cast as if your urine doesn’t falls south naturally thanks to gravity like it does for girls your urine is directional and it’s always targets the inside of your cast.  The cast is bulky making for a less-than-ideal fit for a diaper, leaving unprotected areas which, of course, the penis HAS to always face this unprotected hole which leads to the inside of the cast.  Argh!  So often, we find that Drew has peed into his cast and you can actually see a yellow-tinted stain from one side to the other side of his cast.  Ew!  And, his pin sites on his hip have no doubt been touched by urine. -.-

Nathan and I have resorted to waterproof tape, bandages and gauze barriers to try to block the area.  So, diaper changing time has turned into a 10 minute process while we jerry-rig a piss dam.  The dam must work because it reroutes the urine to the couch or the bed he’s laying in.  We’ve had to wash his sheets almost every morning for the last several days!

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