Painful Week

The daily adjustments have been really hard on Drew this time around.  So much so, that we have to do them early in the day so he won’t be up throughout the night moaning and disturbing mine and Nathan’s sleep.  They seem to be much more painful this time.

Practicing standing up
Practicing standing up

His therapist has noted that he’s not tolerating physical therapy very well and is less cooperative than last time as well.  He suggested that perhaps he was under-medicated since our dosage of pain medicines wasn’t as high as last time so we got that increased recently.  But, we’re still waiting to see some results.

Apparently, the second surgery is worse than the first one because people will build a tolerance to the medication so the recommended dosage for weight may be insufficient and the repetitive surgery can introduce hypersensitivity, making the body hone in on the pain and make it feel a lot worse.  Things were going pretty OK for the first week or two before the adjustments and therapy, but Nathan and I have seen a change in him.

However, Drew did finally volunteer to take a ride in his wheelchair for the first time since the surgery so we were excited to go race outside.  He had been protesting, I suppose because he feared his leg would hurt too much getting in and out of the chair.  But, he did well though it’s difficult for him to reach up far enough to change the speed from inside (slower) to outside.

For those of you who may not have heard, I lost my job this week.  Laid off.  Sucks.  However, the silver lining is I no longer have to schedule Drew’s therapy early in the morning to avoid absences midway through Drew’s babysitter’s schedule.  I can schedule it anytime of the day now!

In other news, we finally told Drew that we are expecting a new baby and he said, “That’s great news!” and he hopes it’s a sister. 🙂

This is a little late (the picture was taken on time actually, just haven’t posted it before now), but here is Drew’s leg progress.  Not much going on yet, but we shall see some movement soon:

drew left leg nov26th

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