Surgery #5

72641_515410245164103_1464653078_nOur morning was off to a very early start as Nathan and I awoke a little after 5 am in order to get dressed and head off to St. Mary’s medical center for Drew’s 5th surgery since May 2012.  We both eeked in as much sleep as possible only waking up at the very last second in order to nearly swallow a quick breakfast in one bite (Drew wasn’t allowed food or drink after midnight so out of respect, we don’t consume anything in front of him.), eased Drew up and was out the door in a matter of about 20 minutes.  Drew was prepared for today as we always tell Drew what is going on and keep him updated about everything going on, even the scary stuff.  We don’t like Drew to be surprised and we want him prepared so he doesn’t overreact.  This seems to work as he is so accepting of everything that needs to be done.

Surgery went really well.  Pre-op was pretty standard although they gave Drew some versed in case he developed anxiety.  It was pretty entertaining when Drew began to slur his words as if he’d had a few shots of tequila.  I was actually worried that they gave him too much!  He could barely hold his head up and he talked with this funny lisp and even commented himself how his “voice is different.”  When they took Drew off, I hugged Drew and gave him a kiss, but I’m pretty sure he didn’t even know I existed at that point! They said it would take about an hour and a half, but we were summoned, one at a time, to recovery within an hour I think.  Drew was still asleep when Nathan and I went back to see him which was a little worrisome for me at first because he’s always been awake when we came back.  But he finally stirred awake while I was there with him and after about 15 minutes he was fully alert and good ol’ Drew again.  He even thanked the nurses ever so sweetly “for the sleep medicine” and “for taking the pins out!”  And, he sung the nurses his favorite song, The Road Song from Spongebob Squarepants.  It’s a relief that this surgery was so easy on Drew, but it’s a little disheartening to know that any kid is so accustomed to surgery as if it’s just another trip to the supermarket.

We were quickly discharged even getting home before noon.  Drew has had no pain and it’s just like a normal day in the Gatten house playing 421926_515424848495976_1864762054_nvideo games and watching Cartoon Network.  Drew has a waterproof bandage on his right leg, where the internal pins were removed, that will stay for around three days and some gauze covering the wounds from the proximal wire that was removed from his fixator leg.  He didn’t seem to bleed heavily, though you could see blood through the gauze.  We just got finished giving him a shower in attempt to remove the gauze which went about as bad as the gauze removal has ever gone before.  Gauze removal is always traumatic for Drew because it sticks to his pins causing pain unless the gauze is soaked with water for 10-15 minutes before pulling off.  But, even then Drew has had such terrible experiences before that no matter how easy we are, he screams bloody murder.  He’s so emotionally scarred by all of the pain that he’s been suffering.  Get within finger’s distance of any pin or wire, or knee with the internal pins, and Drew will nearly karate chop your hand in half in instinctive protection.

Excited that surgery went so well and Drew’s left fixator leg is now perfectly corrected, we get to come home to Kentucky.  Nathan and I began packing tonight in preparation for departure on Wednesday.  At first it was a little overwhelming.  What do we pack now?  What do we pack the night before?  What do we leave?  Ugh.  But once we got started things fell into place.  Drew is so excited about coming home.  He’s most excited about seeing Sarge, our lab, again.  He’s anticipating a sleep over at his Yaya’s with all of  his cousins and even gets to go see a new baby colt.  As excited as I am to finally get a break from the same four walls I’ve been staring at for the last five and a half months, I’m not looking forward to leaving the 70-80 degree shorts and flip-flop weather in Florida for the icy 30-40 degree coats and mittens weather in Kentucky.  I’ve been in Florida since mid-September and the lowest temp I experiences here in Florida was a very short 60 degree stint I think.

If all goes according to plan, we should be home until about May, depending on when they want to finally remove the left fixator and how my pregnancy is doing (I’m not exactly excited about starting a 2 day road trip so late in pregnancy – I’m due mid-June.)

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  1. Emily sheffer says:

    so glad yall had a good day! good luck with the packing and riad trip. let me know if you need anything on your way through nashville!! 615-418-6970

  2. Melissa says:

    It was do nice meeting you all today what a wonderful young Man U have..sweet and such a trooper…it was a pleasure to serve you all today in Waffle House God bless you all

  3. drewunarmed says:

    Reblogged this on drewunarmed and commented:

    Three years ago today, Drew underwent his 5th surgery to remove a pin from his fixator leg and remove some hardware from his other leg that was placed after his infamous femur break. I’m so glad that I blogged about this entire journey with Drew because reading it now, I realize how many things I had forgotten!

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