Drew Has His First Surgery

Well, today marks the one-year anniversary of Drew’s first leg surgery. It has been a long year. Drew has had 5 surgeries, over 60 x-rays, five broken bones (one un-intentionally), estimated 218 physical therapy sessions, 25 weeks of painful adjustments, about 28 pin sites (about 20 pins), 3 casts, 1 brace, countless IVs, blood draws and needle pokes, about 25 doctor appointments, about 4000 miles of driving between KY and FL,  estimated 12-14 round-trip flights between KY and FL, white mold, a lost career, a surprise pregnancy, and probably a ton of other things that I’ve blocked out or don’t have the patience to count. It’s surreal reading the first post about Drew’s corrective leg surgeries and looking at the pictures in awe of what has happened since since May 1, 2012. There were times – numerous times – that I was unsure we’d make it to this point. It seemed unreachable. It seemed as if there was no end to this terrible experience. Drew has changed so much just in the last 12 months. We have changed so much in the last 12 months. I’m so relieved to be about a month away from what I expect to be his final leg surgery. Above is the first post documenting Drew’s First Surgery.  Enjoy!


It has been a 19-hour day for us so this post will be quick.  We had to wake up early this morning to get dressed, fed (not poor Drew though! per anesthesiologist’s instructions), and drive the 20 minute drive to the hospital to be there at 5:30.  We were immediately escorted back to pre-surgical waiting where they drew blood fairly quickly.  Anticipating the difficult period ahead, I was quite emotional during Drew’s momentary weakness.  His previous enthusiasm for getting his legs fixed had been forgotten by Drew per his pitiful cries.

The excitement of the successful blood draw was short-lived as the blood had clotted prior to testing.  I

was not a happy camper to learn that they’d have to redo the stick.  They did manage to go ahead and insert the IV, which a marvelous doctor had also done on his first attempt.  Though Drew was twice as upset…

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