Drew Has Corrective Surgery

Today, two years ago, Drew had his first corrective leg surgery with Dr. Paley. Even though it’s been two years and I was there to witness his transformation day by day, I still get a sense of awe looking through old photos of Drew before leg surgeries and what he’s been able to accomplish thanks to Dr. Paley and his team. On this day of his first surgery, we had no idea what we were in for and throughout the process had many ups and downs, but Drew is a whole new person and we are a whole new family. Drew’s official birthday may be February 6th, but May 1st to us will always be like a day of birth to us!

The following is from another blog, Gattenthology, that I just started for my family.  In fear of losing precious photos in a house fire or the crash of my computer’s hard drive, as well as trying to avoid the high cost of printing photos and little time to insert them in a photo album, I have started an online photo album.  This post is a documentation of Drew’s corrective leg surgery venture from beginning to the end and I’m sharing it here today in recollection for this anniversary.  Enjoy!


Month One

We pursued many orthopedic specialists to correct Drew’s legs before we found Dr. Paley in Florida.  Dr. Paley seemed to be the only surgeon who had the skills to correct Drew’s legs to allow him to walk.  So, in April 2012 we packed our stuff and drove to West Palm Beach, Florida for a series of surgeries.  We didn’t quite know what we were going to get into, but what mattered most was that Drew would finally get the opportunity to walk and we were ready to do anything to make it happen.

Knowing we had some serious surgeries coming up, we did what we could in the days leading up to the surgery to allow Drew to enjoy some last bits of normalcy.

Before having his first leg surgery, we had to have one final check of his heart.

Then it was time for the big day.

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  1. Ann Toth says:

    Way to go Janel, great recap!!! Wow how Drew has changed, I almost forget how little he was when you guys headed to FL.

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