Can’t Get Enough of Those Doctors!

I had a whole post written and was going to upload cute photos to compliment the story and my entire post just disappeared and I refuse to rewrite it.  So I’m going to passively-aggressively summarize it in this sarcastic kid-like temper tantrum fit:

Drew was dizzy.  Called cardiologist.  Yes, he excessively sweats but he wears braces and it’s harder for him to do things so I can never tell!  Ultrasound and blood work fine.  Notice “may cause dizziness” sticker on his prescription medicine.  Feel like a dumbass.

Drew’s platelets almost normal. Yay!

Saw upper extremity doctor at Kosair in Louisville.  Drew’s TAR is more severe.  All fingers affected.  Stiff joints, lack of range, small bones.  Surprise! ulna in his right arm! Odd-shaped anvil-like bone in left shoulder not attached to anything.  Dr. Burke goes, “whaaaa?!?”  Under-developed thumbs. Too developed to just amputate.  Almost not developed enough to guess what function could be.  Drew older than typical for thumb surgery.  May not ever use thumb if corrected due to age and existing habits.  Referred to new doctor in Cincinnati.

Insurance and Florida hospital network agreed on contract.  Still in-network.  Crisis averted.

Holden seeing doctors too.  Not gaining weight.  Not eating age-appropriate foods.  Not drinking anything from bottle or cup.  Feeding therapy once a week at St. Mary’s in Evansville.  Gastroenterologist appointment in August.  Supposed to follow-up with geneticist.  In denial so avoiding it.  Not sure what diagnosis lay ahead.  Ugh! Holden was supposed to be “textbook” child.

Not complaining.  Love my life.  Never bored! Cross-country travel with Drew.  Small part of me excited to say going to West Palm Beach Florida! Silver lining of stressful airport travel and long wait in doctor office is hours spent at beach or downtown after appointment.  Holden almost perpetual baby/toddler.  Enjoying extra time.  Can’t get enough of smiles, jabber, raspberries and wonder.  I’ve suffered lots of pregnancy loss and infant loss.  Maybe had to go through that to be strong and grateful for this.  Drew and Holden are rainbow babies (babies born after losses).  Love every minute with them!

So, take THAT stupid WordPress glitch!!!  *ppbbbbbttthhh!!!*

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