UPDATE to Brace Yourself

I am compelled to quickly return to my blog to provide a much unbelievable and humorous turn of events.  But, before I blindly update, please allow me to quickly review the process I’ve been through to ensure this update makes its full impact.  Please do read the previous post in its entirety as I believe it deserves that much respect.


  1.  Drew’s brace broke rendering him incapable of walking.
  2. After having it welded a couple of times, I make arrangements with the orthotist to have it permanently repaired requiring a six-hour roundtrip to Louisville.
  3. In order to avoid making Drew miss school picture day and High Attendance day, we arrange for a 1-2 day priority box to be shipped to me to mail his brace to Louisville for repair and promptly mailed back.  No cost to me and no long distance travel.
  4. Upon learning that Drew has his first soccer game on Saturday and there is a chance we won’t have the repaired brace in time, I forgo the mail idea and resume plans for the 320-mile trip to repair brace before Saturday.

Now, here’s where my life says, “Oh, you think that was all I had to throw at you? *Psshh!*  Watch this!” and a few hours ago I get a text from the soccer coach that the soccer game scheduled for this Saturday has been postponed until next Saturday.

Ok.  Please allow me to ensure this really sinks in for you.  This, of course, means that I could have very well stuck with the ideal plan of mailing the brace back and forth for repair saving me the mileage on my truck, gas, food, inconvenience, throwing off my 2-year old’s daily routine.  But, of course, it’s too late to cancel the appointment as their offices are closed (In addition, they had already spent the expense on shipping the box to me before I cancelled that idea and what a jerk I would be to ask them to do that all over again.)  And, most importantly, changing plans now would only further delay getting Drew back walking again.

My life is a comedy of inconveniences.  I can’t make this crap up!  Life, I hope that is all you had for me for a while!

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