Surgery #5

Three years ago today, Drew underwent his 5th surgery to remove a pin from his fixator leg and remove some hardware from his other leg that was placed after his infamous femur break. I’m so glad that I blogged about this entire journey with Drew because reading it now, I realize how many things I had forgotten!


72641_515410245164103_1464653078_nOur morning was off to a very early start as Nathan and I awoke a little after 5 am in order to get dressed and head off to St. Mary’s medical center for Drew’s 5th surgery since May 2012.  We both eeked in as much sleep as possible only waking up at the very last second in order to nearly swallow a quick breakfast in one bite (Drew wasn’t allowed food or drink after midnight so out of respect, we don’t consume anything in front of him.), eased Drew up and was out the door in a matter of about 20 minutes.  Drew was prepared for today as we always tell Drew what is going on and keep him updated about everything going on, even the scary stuff.  We don’t like Drew to be surprised and we want him prepared so he doesn’t overreact.  This seems to work as he is…

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