Drew’s Birth Story

Happy NINTH Birthday, Drew!


Today, February 6th, is Drew’s 8th birthday!  Eight!  Happy Birthday, Drew!  So, in honor of his birthday, I wanted to share his birth story.

We had a planned C-section in Nashville, Tennessee at Vanderbilt.  We knew of his syndrome as early as just a few months into the pregnancy and the disorders that came along with it including a blood disorder in which put him at high risk for a hemorrhage.  So, our only option was C-section which would provide the team the ability to transfuse platelets prior to birth to eliminate most of the risk.  It was scheduled a week earlier than his due date of February 13th because they didn’t want me to go into natural labor so far away from the specialists in Nashville, three hours away.

February 5th was my last day of work before my maternity leave and I intended on working the full day…

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