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Drew got a basketball goal for Christmas and he loves to play as you will hear him say in this cute video.  Shot after shot, he’s the cutest basketball player ever!

Amazing Wrestler with TAR Syndrome

AJ Leitch is a young man who is a member of the same Facebook group that I correspond with regarding TAR Syndrome.  A fellow member found this great news article about AJ and his wrestling talent.  Click the image below for the full and fascinating story.

Limbless Swimmer will Attempt Five-Continent Swim

A Frenchman with no arms or legs due to an accident when he was 17-years old has already swam the English Channel and will  now attempt to swim in waters connecting five continents.  Click here for the full story.
I was delighted to meet this girl last summer. Her mother shared this on her Facebook. Click the image for the full story.
Possibilities are limitless. Click the image to see this completely goosebump-inducing video about one AMAZING soul.

10 Most Amazing People Without Legs

Click the image to see the full list of amazing things people can do with no legs.
Click the image to view the video about a one-handed basketball player


I dare an orthopaedic surgeon look at this video and not demand to help this kid walk! Click on image for full video.

10 Most Amazing Armless People

Although this list doesn’t include Drew (YET!), here is link to a list of amazing people without arms.  They include an archer who is a candidate for the 2012 Olympic Team, a caligrapher, a guitar player, and a golfer!  ENTIRE LIST

Drew On YouTube (DrewTube)

Like any proud mother, I almost always have a video camera in my hand.  Here are a couple of videos that I’ve managed to upload to YouTube.

Say Whaaaaaat!?! On the road to Nashville. Click the image to see full length video
The Incredible Drew - Don't get him mad!
Who knew that shooting darts at the ceiling would be so funny?!? Click the image to view the video on YouTube

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  1. YaYa says:

    Good Job! Your writing is awesome and this is such a great idea!!!
    Sooo glad you finally heard from Dr. Mencio, great come back. Can hardly wait for them to contact you Feb. 21st.

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